We Didn't Start the SocJus

by Chris Ray Gun

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Parody of Billy Joel's "We DIdn't Start the Fire" documenting the rise of Social Justice and the war on video games in the the new millenium.


Television, CNN, Fox New is at it again
Porno on your PSPs, Mass Effect sex
Nintendo DS, kid locator, games are murder simulators
Bill O'Reilly, quite unwisely parroting Glenn Back
Cooper Lawrence, Keighly wrecked, welcome to the internet
Jack Thompson's here to say, "ban the sale of GTA."
Liberal sites come to protect, games from right wing disrespect
Things are good, things are great, Thompson laughed off of the stage
Feminists, Atheists, currently they're separate
All is relatively calm, drama isn't much
That's about to go away, Feminism infiltrates
Say Hello to Atheism Plus
Thunderf00t, TJ, blacklisted for heresy
Oversensitivy strangles the community
PZ Meyers, slave state, AronRa and Jen McCreight
Tumblrism, Feminism, star of #Elevatorgate
Censoring dialogue, well so much for FreethoughtBlogs
Check your privilege, cis-scum, appropriation
Of the cultural degree, feelings trump accuracy
Mansplain, manspread, reason might as well be dead
Atheist community, buried under lunacy
And the ones who put it down, want a brand new battleground
So, they went and picked their prey, much to everyone's dismay
They proclaim, void of shame, now we're after VIDYA GAMES
Enter Stage Left, McIntosh, Social Justice Brain Wash
Ain't no pleasin' Sarkeesian
Tropes v Women hits the net, rife with info incorrect
"Games make people sexist" No proof of this exists
Liberal sites who used to be critical of claims like these
Fell in line, on a dime, I GUESS DOOM DID COLUMBINE

Journalism, Nat Gray, Kotaku, GamerGate
Backlash, hashtag, we want our industry back
Sam Harris Intervirew, Cenk misrepresented views
Liberals start to jump ship, Young Turks, idiots

Charlie Hebdo, South Park, pokes fun at the bleeding hearts
Trigger Warings, Safe Space, Yale's a disgrace
Reason on Rubin Report, dialogue has been restored
Social Network Censorship, see how far they get with it.


released February 8, 2016



all rights reserved