Social Justice Warfare

by Chris Ray Gun

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An anthem for oversensitive fun vampires everywhere.


A social justice warrior is on his way to complain
About a video game
That didn't tell him he was special
Like most religions he has visions of a world where he leads
A life that's free from critique
Where science barely even matters

It's good to know you're not the center of everything
The world does not revolve around you
And you can cry, scream, yell and bitch about anything
If something doesn't cater to you

This world isn't for you
No one needs to award you
Just because
Your family adored you
And nurtured the war you've
Raged against
The fuckin' real world

While he relaxes on his father private island he cries,
"I'm sorry for being white."
How can I pay my reparations
To them your born in condemnation or some privileged class
Reminds me of Sunday mass
Spare me your righteous indignation


released April 16, 2015



all rights reserved